Amazing fact of ameritas dental network

Membrane ameritas dental network here you see it was taken a second excuse me you really have to get with these pins on a degree angle if you don’t do that you see ameritas dental network that here the pin will flop out the the pin holder and after you fixed it or fixated it you just cut the membrane so.

ameritas dental network

ameritas dental network

  • That the implants are spared from the membrane that looks okay and that’s what exactly what you do for the other implants as.
  • Well and then you mix the bomb which you’ve taken out of the implant caveny while drilling without official in.
  • This case bios from guys like and mix it with blood up there of the patient that gives you perfect time to model it and gives you of course antibiotics as well .
  • This patient we operated in general anesthesia and then when you start stitching you always start .
  • With the corners first to make sure that you get the flag back into the correct position and it’s just a very simple stitch it just twice and .
  • Then you get it back to expect the appearance is Eva then you do the particular incision incisions on both.

Sides and then you just we do a running suture as it is easy to remove and never been loose so far in my professional career and it’s very quick to daughter so this is the entire situation closed up and now we take a steel wire orthodontic steel wire and try to fix.

The implants together a lot of colleagues don’t well we always do that because it’s just more precise and as we use this impression for the permanent denture as well we have to get all the precision we can then you fix this wire with Sarah mill which is just.

A liquid composite and you just like cure it we start with one and then do the other ones it’s important that you have come sit on the buckle end on the palatal side we always use two lights it’s quicker and then we’re ready for the impression for the impression .

We use a poly either and we don’t use any light body because light but it would go into the wound and if you don’t see and don’t take it out it would cause inflammations and problems that’s what.

We don’t want to have so we use in this case police are called in Pritam and well I do this impression here Manos is filling the tray with the same material and .

We use you see in a second we use prefabricated trays makes the entire procedure much easier that’s it now we use the impression tray it’s important here that you see all four implants so that you can remove them easily unscrew them and take the impression out after seven.