9 Ways dental help Can Make You Invincible

dental help prosthesis that it is um what’s what its change of dental help  the whole dynamics of being able to help your patients so you know it’s it was a game changer it’s a game changer for those of us who want to help our patients.

dental help

dental help

  • With non-removable crown and bridge work for their missing teeth here’s a case where a patient had posterior friend.
  • Saddles missing multiple posterior teeth and was getting very desperate they even want to go to Thailand to have
  • Those have the ridge was so narrow that she could only take this leaves mini implants and as you can see there they are .
  • A number of them prior to a button placement and there there are the necessaries of Conley Um bridge.

I put on that on those bridges on those implants and you can see it’s a bilateral end result we’ve built up the lower entrance just with some composite resin where they were worn down but it’s .

A wonderful result patient gets rid of a double free and saddle partial denture and has a beautiful set of strong take this have been institute this patient is probably about years on now so going very well but here’s the concept basically just pop.

Those implants in this is no flap no suturing nothing unpleasant in that and in those tiny little channels that were prepare and they go one two three implants going and the ball ends these little ends in securely hold of the cement that secures.

The the the the bridges in so just to give you an idea this sort of treatment takes about two hours I mean doesn’t take long to put $ oozing in a patient’s jaw and then you take some impressions sent off to the lab temporizing in a very simple manner and – is ,

That even lovely bridge you can connect on there with security knowing that that will hold forever I have to say that I’ve even used not long implants and these are about maybe millimeters in length but I’ve even done them with.