How Much is Dental Insurance IS Worth ?

How Much is Dental Insurance

How Much is Dental Insurance

How Much is Dental Insurance biologic  dentistry and this video is on a rather  frustrating topic why we are dropping a lot of PPO dental insurances we’re not  dropping them per How Much is Dental Insurance se we’re going out of network.

What is that even mean with all the political talk right now  about health care Obamacare what not be aware that healthcare and dental health care benefits are.

How Much is Dental Insurance IS Worth ?

 How Much is Dental Insurance I’ve been  practicing for over years and the  amounts that were paid for procedure are  the same or less than they were years ago.

Which is pretty staggering now as a  biologic dentist and I’d like to admit a very high-tech dentist I use nothing but  the best materials.

I have a very very expensive d CAD CAM machine we have lasers we have the lowest radiation  brand-new digital radiography units.

We have aromatherapy we have a lot of things that we offer in this office that  were not paid for the burden is a business owner is that I’m actually losing money .

To reading a lot of patients in network believe it or not  some exams for me to spend an hour with a patient I’m reimbursed.

Now some patients are like yes you get dollars but then they probably the insurance kicks in  another no I literally get dollars.

So not only is my time free I’m actually losing money on the assistance sitting next to me who’s charting that’s rather frightening also with the dental  materials we’re paid so little.

That because I use such high-end materials  How Much is Dental Insurance I actually break even with what the insurance reimburses me just on my material costs which means again.

I’m working for free I don’t like  to rush my procedure I love to spend time with my patients I love to do a really thorough new patient intake exam and instead of shortening it to five minutes which is what insurance would require and having six patients.

in the  waiting room all waiting an hour each I can’t afford to do it for $ an hour now what does this mean I’m not going to change the way of prep I practice what’s going to.