We most commonly see either six months or a year DENTAL COVER used to be six months was cut more common now almost all of them if there’s a wedding period which they’re almost always is it’s about a year so just always kind of be aware you¬†probably don’t want to have your toothache for a year you know before before you get that fixed so just kind of look out for that does anyone have two insurance plans like maybe you have coverage and your spouse has coverage on you also okay well if that ever comes up be aware most insurance companies now have something called a non duplication of benefits clause which is just a very wordy way of saying that if the primary insurance paid what the secondary would have paid if they were the primary then the secondary doesn’t pay anything so and so as an example

If something cost a hundred dollars and dental cover you have % coverage on both plans you’d think well the primary ought to pay half and the secondary would pay half and then I wouldn’t have to pay anything and years ago that was correct that’s exactly how it worked but as a cost-saving measure more and more insurance companies are saying if we’re the secondary and the primary pays what we would have paid then we’re not going to pay anything we’re not going to duplicate the benefit that seems absurd you’re paying a premium to two different companies what does this one care what this one does well because it’s about keeping their bottom line down so yes.

Yes each company has their own policy on that so and really even within the same company some plans will have that clause and some plans don’t so it’s very planned specific or contract specific ¬†you can’t say you know Delta Dental always does this or Blue Cross always does this it’s very much specific to the individual contract that you have so I tell you this to say if if you have coverage at your work and your spouse is also giving dental coverage by their employer if it’s free to you that’s great take it sure why not but before you write a check every month to get a second policy just understand that that cause