The Dental Insurance Georgia pressure on the teeth extends the healing time normal healing time being six to eight weeks a micro-st or perforation technique with Dental Insurance Georgia orthodontics involved in the case will take a ten to twelve week process to get that healed and.

Dental Insurance Georgia

Dental Insurance Georgia

Then you’ll repeat your process now Dental Insurance Georgia if we were using the single-use device you would set your depth it comes in the odd numbers so it would be use that three or five or seven millimeters and you’re rotating clockwise it’s similar .

Working with a screwdriver if you’d like to place the screw you’re going clockwise if you want to remove the screw you’re counterclockwise so you would place your device perpendicular to the Aeolus in between the roots you would.

Apply your pressure and twist clockwise until the device is illuminated and then you would have your depth you would rotate counterclockwise to remove so it’s basically in and out and now you’ve made a single micro stereo .

Perforation and then it’s repeat as necessary the reusable handle okay you can take your tip of choice there are tips that have covered sleeves the protective clear sleeve and then those that don’t so now when you press and release the the ring it lets you attach the driver and then you can do the same technique rotating clockwise .

With gentle pressure and then you can achieve your depth with a depth gauge on the clear marker has the markings for the three five and seven millimeter depth once you achieve your depth you come back counterclockwise the tip gets disengaged when you’ve provided