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You know my  mom’s really DENTAL INSURANCE NC creative my dad’s really  driven I’m always coming up with ideas and I’m the kind of guy I don’t I don’t  want to die with regret and so if I have a great idea you know I’ll bet it to people and if I think it can it can be  good and help people and grow into.

Something great and I’m gonna do it and I might lose lose but you know at least I don’t have to regret not trunk trying so I’m definitely you know have the entrepreneurial spirit where you know I’ve got other I’ve got plenty of other ideas that the health industry as well.

You know some of which I’m you’ve been  already working on but I’ve got a lot of other cool stuff to come over my career I’m years in I got another here but yeah I love you out for aerial stuff I always have and it’s just what gets me excited it well it is just for every I’m in Phoenix Arizona and my gosh why  of people here are retired from I think mine might be nice sometimes I’ll read in.

The paper that Phoenix is  of the homes DENTAL INSURANCE NC  that turned in the last year were  were Canadians and so there’s so many retired people and then a mile or so miles just all these retirees and every time I love talking to him first when they’re years old and I you sell.

It for years I say well what advice will be the mirror what would  you’ve done differently and they have always said that they wish they would have taken the risk to follow their dreams and someday you’re gonna be laid in a pine box so.


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What do you got to lose and they just and it seems I’ll be their biggest regret was just just living in  fear and not following their dreams and not taking a rose like one man said well you know what did that pension so I stayed with that company from age to and I always knew I should have opened up.

That restaurant you know I mean and another day it has not always been successful  speaking of restaurants I have lost but you know it was I come up with a great idea and I’m exactly like that I don’t want to I don’t want at years from now maybe say boy I wish I had done that I think you could have been a very thing and so I’m gonna do it you know any time Get more :